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11 Tips on Completing a Successful Merger

Despite their frequency and critical role in facilitating inorganic growth, mergers are often prone to significant risks and failures. It is reported that between 50%-80% of mergers fail to add value to the company.

In an effort to better help you close deals and complete successful mergers, Axial has compiled a packet of some of the most important requisites for realizing an effective merger.

To offer the most valuable and relevant advice, the packet features insights from several leading merger experts. Thanks to Danny A. Davis of DD Consulting, Mitchell Osak of Quanta Consulting, and Tom Nelson of TG Nelson for their insights and commentary.

Tips include:

  • Begin planning at least 100 days before deal completion
  • Don’t try to salvage a failed deal
  • Expect information to be leaked
  • Integrate divisions one-by-one
  • Take control of finances
  • And more…
Download the Guide Here