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The 20 Minute DCF: Free Excel Template Download

You’ve probably built more discounted cash flow models than you care to remember. But, when was the last time you updated your valuation analysis?

The discounted cash flow method is one of the most powerful ways to value a company. However, building a DCF can be tedious and complex — especially if you are building one from scratch — spreadsheets are reused for years. While the recycling can save some time, it can also leave you in a rut.

To help revive your analysis, here is an easy and simple DCF excel template that allows you to value a business in under 20 minutes. Instead of offering a how-to guide on building a DCF, the template requires only a dozen basic inputs to auto-calculate a company valuation. Use it to critically review your current spreadsheets, get to a ballpark company valuation, run quick comps, or simply calculate a quick estimate for that deal on the fence. This template is designed to do the complex calculations for you:

  • Fast and simple
  • Instant download
  • Completely free

Access the template here:

DCF Valuation Excel Template - Banner CTA

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