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Best Practices in Post-Merger Integrations

There are few frustrations greater than watching an otherwise successful deal fall apart due to poor post-merger strategies. Despite these frustrations, between 50%-80% of deals still meet this fate. In an effort to help you complete successful mergers, Axial is providing a joint webinar-whitepaper series on integration best practices.

In the webinar, occurring this afternoon from 1pm – 2pm EDT, Danny A. Davis will discuss his key strategies to avoiding major pitfalls in the post-merger environment. Davis is a leading M&A integration specialist in the UK and founder of DD Consulting.

The related packet — which features insights from Davis, Mitchell Osak of Quanta Consulting, and Tom Nelson of TG Nelson — discusses the 11 steps necessary for the completion a successful merger. Steps include planning at least 100 days before deal completion, preparing for leaked information, taking control of finances post-close, and more.

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The Dealmaker's Guide to Social Media
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