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8 Ways to Market Your Deal Under General Solicitation

Although the ban on general solicitation was lifted nearly a month ago, nothing has really changed. With most firms afraid to step into uncharted territory, only one firm has advertised its new fund – and garnered a lot of attention. Fortune favors the bold.

To help Axial Members take advantage of previously banned advertising channels, we launched two new products yesterday that enable deal professionals to wisely and selectively share their opportunities with private links and on Linkedin.

In addition to the above channels, here is a slideshow of 8 strategies to start sharing your opportunity today — just make sure all investors are accredited.

The Dealmaker's Guide to Social Media
The Dealmaker's Guide to Social Media
When used and monitored properly, social media sites can offer a distinct advantage in brand awareness, deal sourcing, news gathering, and due diligence. This guide explains how dealmakers can use major social media sites for many steps of the transaction process.
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