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Helping You Avoid Deals You Don’t Want


People love efficiency, and they are drawn to tools that make their lives simpler, smoother, and more productive. We know this at Axial, and that’s why we’re constantly working to make our matching technology more intelligent and on point. Our latest feature is a...

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The 2016 Axial Top Closed Deals List


2016 was a year of growth and success, both on and off the Axial network. As a company, we secured a $14M round of equity financing led by Edison Partners and welcomed four key new members to our leadership team. As a network, growth was...

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The Ingredients for a Strong Engineering Culture


We wrote a little while back about the culture we were focused on building specifically for our engineering team. But just like great engineering feats, you cannot just set it and forget it. Anything that takes time to build and install requires maintenance and...

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In Relationships, Responsiveness Means Everything


We often get feedback from our members about the importance of consistent communication in their professional relationships. When you make an introduction or send a teaser, you expect to get a response, even if that response is a polite decline. Furthermore, you expect that...

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A Culture Built for Coders


At Axial, we spend a lot of time thinking about and focusing on our culture. We see creating a positive, compelling and inspiring culture as the ultimate enabler for our teams. Particularly as we work to reinvent the private capital markets, transforming the way...

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Empowering the Growth & Success of Private Company CEOs


Three years ago, Axial introduced an offering to help transaction-ready CEOs meet qualified advisors, potential buyers, and sources of capital on our network. Since then, hundreds of CEOs and entrepreneurs have successfully financed or sold their businesses as a result of the connections they...

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We Brought a Psychologist to Axial, Here’s What We Learned


In March, Axial kicked off an intensive process to refine and articulate the culture and values that guide our employees’ decision making in our fast-paced and ever-evolving business. The process took over 3 months and about 120 hours of work leveraging over 60 years...

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Not Your Average Account Managers


The following post was shared by Sam Slevin, Director & Head of Member Success. “Client success,” “account management,” “customer service” — these are all common names for SaaS company employees who work to support a product’s users. At Axial, we have a different name for...

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The Role of Advisors in an Evolving M&A Market


Middle market CEOs have better access to M&A-specific information and relationships than ever before. These days, sophisticated investors and financial buyers reach out to CEOs directly to discuss opportunities; online and peer-to-peer networks provide CEOs access to deal trends and data; and CEOs attend...

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