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Howard Chernin, Executive Vice President, RAI Group“Using the network has opened up doors and has given us immediate access to many professionals on both the sellside and the buyside.”
Howard Chernin Executive Vice President, RAI Group
Jim Lundeen, CEO, Lundon Software“When I needed immediate access to capital and advisors – Axial made that possible.”
Jim Lundeen CEO, Lundon Software
Michael Tolmach, CEO, Eonsmoke“Axial enables me to understand my options anytime my business is in need of capital, partnerships, or advice.”
Michael Tolmach CEO, Eonsmoke
Jeff Unger, Managing Partner“I’ve had a very positive experience on Axial. It cuts down on the enormous amount of time it takes to find the right people who can help us grow and finance our business.”
Jeff Unger Founder and Managing Partner, Stratitia